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Synergy Merchant Services

This affiliated organization focuses on business and organizational consulting, development and support, from basic administrative support, and help with finances and record keeping, to general business support services.

Synergy Merchant Services is not comprised of accountants, nor lawyers, nor professional certified business consultants or something along those lines, as excellent and crucial as such resources can be. Rather, we are just working people with practiced skills in the business of business and organizations and we simply provide an extra set of hands, eyes and ears to possibly find a good fit in helping move your operations forward, in handling running the practical and tasky areas of your personal life, and more often in aspects of your business or organization where such help may be just the thing to best support your next step forward in being more effective, more successful.

We're not professionals. We're people.

Contact us today to find out if Key Life may provide benefit for you through our affiliated organization Synergy Merchant Services.