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This affiliated organization provides an extra set of arms and legs when they would come in handy - moving that bulky refrigerator across the room, lugging all those old bins from the basement out to the curb, dusting the living room before an enjoyable evening in front of the TV, or patching that pesky damaged area of wall - and we also provide insight and consultation, where useful, in operations and approaches that are more likely to succeed in your particular environment and conditions.

We are not professional movers, cleaners, drivers, contractors, landscapers, nor most any trade. Rather we are regular people with energy and enough experience to provide value in discerning effective paths forward and supplying the man power to move such efforts along. Where we are not a fit, we'll tell you. Where we are a fit, however, we can provide real and unique benefit, specifically because we are somewhere between a helpful neighbor and a higher paid professional, you could say.

We're not professionals. We're people.

Contact us today to find out if Key Life may provide benefit for you through our affiliated organization of Key Work.